Make $300 in One Day

This is a standard situation we face sometime or the other: we require money but don’t wish to borrow from relatives or friends. Nor can we have enough bank balance and payday remains a couple of days away.

What could be do?

Most folks might feel hopeless in such situations. Unless, we all know the way to make 300 dollars in at some point.

Surely you’ll wonder whether it’s possible to make $300 in one day. Because it means you’ll earn the maximum amount as $9000 per month, by working 30 days.

Actually, it’s fairly easy and quick to make $300 in one day, if you’re willing to exert some extra efforts. Millions of people across America actually earn 300 dollars in one day doing odd tasks and jobs.

How to make $300 in one day? Here’re 10 legit ways to make quick money.

1. Thumbtack

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If you’ve not heard about Thumbtack, then it’s high time to learn about it. Thumbtack is an excellent app where you can make $300 or much more in a day.

However, you’ll require some special skills to get small tasks from Thumbtack. Usually, this app provides motley jobs for software and IT professionals or those having the necessary skills.

Getting started is easy. Download the Thumbtack app and register yourself. Select the skills you can offer. You’ll be amazed by the number of individuals and businesses that require your work.

Most jobs will fetch you at least $50 per hour while some can get you whopping $100 per hour. I suggest you visit their website and read details carefully to make quick and fast money with Thumbtack.

2. Paid Friendship

This might sound a bit absurd, but you can actually sell your friendship to lonely people and travellers. This isn’t something like a sugar baby. Far from it.

Travelers require someone to guide them around your town or city. And they prefer a local that would know the place and sometimes, the right people to connect with for some work.

And often, lonely folk are willing to pay as much as $25 per hour only to spend time with you as a friend. It gets better too: these lonely people will buy you a nice lunch or dinner or even take you for a drive around the city, even as your money clocks upwards to $300 per day.

3. Etsy

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Making money on isn’t easy. But there’re countless real-life success stories that prove you can make 300 dollars or more in one day through Etsy.

How’s that? Etsy is a popular website for people that want to buy exclusive handmade stuff such as paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, costume jewellery and other things.

You can open a free marketplace on Etsy on a trial basis. And start selling any handmade or exclusive things you have.

In fact, you can also open a paid marketplace on Etsy and sell anything that you can make such as embroidery, paintings and also handmade jams, pickles and spices. The money from buyers goes immediately to your bank account or debit card.

4. Handyman Services

All of us have needed a handyman at some point of our life. And paid for the service too. Nowadays, a handyman makes anything between $60 and $85 per hour, depending upon the task. Complex work that requires special skills can fetch you $100 per hour too. These special skills include handling high voltage electrical circuits, security fencing for houses and packing fragile stuff for movers, among others.

You can find handyman work on Handyman app. This is a simple app to use. You’ll need to switch on the location finder on your smartphone while using this app.

The location service will help you get jobs within your vicinity. If you wish to take the task, you’ve to bid for it. And once your bid is successful, attend the situation to finish the task.

5. TaskRabbit

(Click here to Join) is my favourite website to make $300 or more in a single day. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful too. Getting started is simple: download their app from Google Play or App Store and register yourself.

You’ll have to provide some references or credentials for background check, since gives work where you’ll come in direct contact with the employer.

After successful registration, you’ll be known as ‘Tasker’. You can select the work on your app and upon getting confirmation, go to the address to finish the work.

Gardening, moving furniture and certain other work gets you as much as $80 per hour. You’ll have to submit an invoice for your work using the app to get the money.

6. PostMates

PostMates operates across America. And they deliver food from various restaurants to customers. And this food delivery is done by people like you and I. For doing a few deliveries for PostMates, you can earn $25 per hour.

Meaning, you’ll have to work for eight hours and deliver food in your area. This means you’ll pick up food packages from restaurants and deliver to customers.

Often, customers pay a small tip when you deliver for PostMates. This isn’t a rule. A few customers are grateful and they are generous enough to reward your efforts. You get the full tip amount.

That means, you can make $300 in one day without actually delivering food for eight hours or so. However, I suggest you read all the terms and conditions of PostMates before registering.

7. Work as MC

Do you have that special way with guests and know how to manage parties? Then you’re sitting on that gold mine you’ve always wanted. An MC gets as much as $100 to $150 per hour at small parties.

If you’ll work as MC for a large party of a large organization, it’s possible to make up to $500 per hour. But this job requires special skills and hence the pay is very high.

Maybe you’ve got the talents to figure as MC but haven’t tried earlier. If so, give it a try and you could open up a treasure trove. Most parties require an MC for two to three hours. And usually during the evenings. That’s when you can make $300 in a day very easily.

8. MicroWorkers is a crowdsourcing website that has over 1.5 million members. The website is the largest of its kind in the world. You can get all sorts of micro tasks on

And minimum payment for a task starts from $5. However, some tasks on also pay as much as $100 per hour, for specialized skills and urgency.

Register on to start. You can take tasks their website displays. Upon completing these tasks successfully, you can check how much money you have made.

And ask for payment of $300 immediately. They pay the money by PayPal, Payoneer and other platforms. The money goes to your bank account directly.

9. Party Mascot

Working as party mascot is a fun job. All you need to do is wear a costume and play with kids. You’ve to keep children engaged during the party and conduct games, crack jokes and do all sorts of other gimmicks to entertain them.

This isn’t an easy job by any measure. But it pays up to $80 per hour or even more. That depends upon the size of the party and the mascot role you’ll play.

Local halls, party requirement stores and community organisations are your best bet to find work as a party mascot. However, the work is very enjoyable and you won’t regret making $300 in a day as party mascot.

Read a bit about what party mascots are expected to do and practice a lot. Once you get it right, you can easily make $300 in one day or even more.

10. Proofreading Tasks

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You can earn up to $50 per hour simply by proofreading documents. However, you’ll require excellent grammatical skills to make $300 in one day by proofreading. The good news: it’s not difficult and there’re plenty of tasks you can find online.

If you can proofread legal documents, tax papers and other complex stuff, you can make as much as $50 per hour. Otherwise, you can get at least $20 per hour for proofreading general documents.

Manuscripts of books are most valuable: you can earn up to $100 per hour if your services are taken by some top publishing house for proofreading a book before it’s printing.